Mally Mall

This month’s Good Samaritan Awards winner is music industry empresario Mally Mall, whose continue efforts to uplift the community are making a positive mark on the lives of many in a very important time.

Previous reports have included news about Mally Mall donating laptops to local schools and children in need of devices to engage in home learning during the ongoing pandemic, and some of his other efforts behind the scenes to foster charitable action throughout the music business by banding together with the many popular artists whose careers he has helped to enhance.

Now, a new viral video has surfaced, showing the famous music producer outside after a dental visit of his own, helping a senior citizen in person during her time of need.

Mally Mall

Mally Mall

Lends A

Helping Hand

This particular story of the charitable action of Mally Mall is now being reported across the Internet, and shows the music mogul is stepping up to a new level in his local community by adding the element of personal involvement to what he is doing to help.

It’s a great thing when we see billionaires like Michael Bloomberg or Bill Gates sending financial support to worthy causes, but what actually makes the biggest difference in most communities is a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get directly involved.

These kinds of actions by a celebrity like Mally Mall go a long way toward establishing the right tone and setting the right example for everyone in a community to be their best selves as well.

For all of his charity work in the past, generous donations and help creating memorable fund raising events, we have long been fans of Mally Mall for more than just his musical efforts. Now, after witnessing the way he stepped up to assist a senior citizen in need, we are proud to announce that Mally Mall is the Good Samaritan Awards winner for October of 2020.

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