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Good Samaritan Awards are bestowed upon individuals, groups and organizations who do more than society can expect from them as they endeavor to make the world a better place. We accept nominations from our community, and seek to provide a positive message about the important effect even a small good deed can have on the lives of so many other people.

At most, four Good Samaritan Award winners are chosen during a single calendar month but there is no limit to the number of people who may be nominated. Nominees may also be renominated in future months, but only one award may be won for any particular act of kindness. What we have found is that people who do good deeds tend to do many of them, so the opportunity to be recognized by our organization if far from fleeting.

Most importantly, we understand that Good Samaritans are not seeking fame or recognition for their good deeds and some prefer their privacy. Our view is that an affirmative decision to do something wonderful for the world around you is a chance for society to learn from your exemplary behavior, so while winners of our awards may leave recognition of their deeds to others – our awards are here to provide the proper amount of publicity in a way that does not dilute the humility of our winners one iota. Please nominate people you deem worthy and help us to celebrate the selfless contributions of wonderful individuals, groups or organizations that deserve to be known as Good Samaritan Awards winners!

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