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k2 Dynamics

Good Samaritan Award Winner for August 2013

K2 Dynamics is the official Good Samaritan Award winner for August of 2013, but it’s fair to say that Kristen Karanikolas is largely responsible for all the great work K2 Dynamics does year after year. She was originally nominated for the award but refused to accept it as a personal accolade and graciously asked us to give the award to her company instead, as an acknowledgment of all the hard work and team effort it takes from every at K2 to get things done.

“I really don’t know quite what to say, which is ironic because I’ve written award acceptance speeches for many noteworthy clients when they have earned industry awards from their colleagues” said Kristen Karanikolas, CEO for K2Dynamics.com. “I guess what makes this so different is that it’s much more personal to me and goes beyond the boundary lines of running a successful business – entering into the importance of ethics, good citizenship and a sense of civic responsibility. I couldn’t have done any of this without the K2 team, and of course my parents who have always shown me that doing good things for their own sake is enough reason and reward to do them. Thanks so much for nominating me and for the award itself. It truly is a great honor.”

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