Clement Picquet

Clement Picquet Award Winner

Good Samaritan Award Winner October 2013

Clement Picquet won a Good Samaritan Award during the month of October 2013 for his quiet contributions to several important charities and his tireless efforts in pursuit of additional funding to support key organizations that impact the lives of others.

Mr. Picquet is the CEO of SCTR Services LLC., and among the charities Mr. Picquet has championed, are The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, The San Diego Triathlon Challenge, Challenged Athletes, as well as many other community organizations.

Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of his nomination was his personal interactions, and the care he takes, to provide assistance to those in need locally. “When I nominated Clement for this award, I was sure he would win eventually” said Andrew Hellner, a long time colleague of Mr. Picquet who works with him on a daily basis and has witnessed many of his most charitable moments. “The thing that impresses me most about the way Clement goes about his philanthropy is that it’s never about him. He doesn’t seek the spotlight or put his name out there to take attention away from the causes he supports. That combination of character, humility and dedication isn’t just rare – it’s award worthy.”

When contacted regarding the award, Mr. Picquet stated simply, “The most gratifying part of winning this award is finding that the people who know me best, believe I am worthy of it enough to nominate me. It’s those kinds of interpersonal connections that matter most to me, and while I am very flattered to be chosen as a Good Samaritan Award winner, being nominated by my colleague Andrew, and the other people who helped to make this happen, is one of the highlights of my life as an entrepreneur.”


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