Make A Wish And Batkid Save San Francisco

Bat Kid

Bat Kid saves San Francisco with Make A Wish Foundation support

In one of the nicest examples of what the Good Samaritan Awards have always been about, the Make-A-Wish Foundation did some extraordinary work in their endeavors to make the wish of child battling a serious illness come true as a 5 year old boy named Miles was treated to a day of fighting crime in San Francisco as Bat Kid.

His exploits were recorded in a fictional newspaper (shown to the left) and even included official indictments of the Penguin and the Riddler by the US Department of Justice.

San Francisco Police, Fire Departments, Banks and citizens all contributed to a full day of adventure that saw Miles capture the Riddler as he caught him in the act of ‘robbing’ a real local bank, untying the San Fransisco Giants mascot at the ballpark to free him from the clutches of the Penguin and even rescuing a damsel in distress from the tracks of the historic San Fransisco trolley as thousands of citizens watched and applauded his efforts.

Miles is now in remission from a form of Leukemia, and while his battle with the disease is not finished yet, we have no doubt that the mini-caped-crusader, bolstered by the support of so many Good Samaritans is well on his way to even happier days ahead.

For more information, or to contribute to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, please contact their website directly and show them that their efforts are getting noticed because it is the tireless people who pull off amazing adventures like this one who inspire us all to become better superheroes in our own local communities!

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