Colin Rowntree

Colin Rowntree

Good Samaritan Award Winner February 2012

Colin Rowntree is an internet entrepreneur with varied commercial online business interests that have been part of an exhaustive philanthropic effort since the early 1990s. Tireless activity, including personal donations, promotional campaigns designed to enhance the efforts of charitable organizations and charity work gathering contributions from a wide number of business partners, professionals and customers make him an easy choice.


For these reasons and so many others we are pleased to present Colin Rowntree with this Good Samaritan Award in recognition of his past endeavors and in appreciation of all his present or future plans to help others.

“My wife and I understand that we have an important role in helping others through dark times of their own because there are so many ways we can spread our good fortune which can be compounded with the effort of others and yield much more important gains than buying another fancy car would ever mean to us” said Mr. Rowntree upon accepting his Good Samaritan Award. “The true joy is from having been at this for a long period of time, we are able to witness the height, breadth and length a good deed really does in this world. Some of the work we did back in the 1990s is still helping people decades later, and our hope is that the efforts we make today will help people decades from now as well.”

It is important to point out the forward-facing approach that Mr. Rowntree espouses, because we find it to be common among many Good Samaritan Awards winners. Never satisfied with a job well done, and always onto the next new way to serve the greater good. Thank you from all of us Mr. Rowntree.

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