Lauren MacEwen

Laura MacEwen

Good Samaritan Award Winner November 2012

Lauren MacEwen is the CEO of SM Cubed Consulting, a social media marketing management firm. For Lauren, charity work is personal. She has helped many people and organizations learn how to better promote their own charities, which in turn makes her responsible at least in part for a massive amount of good will generated across a huge swath of nonprofit organizations that provide assistance to worthy causes.

Among the charities she has supported over the years are: Holistic Management International, The Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, the local Roadrunner Foodbank, and too many others to make mention of without seeming boastful. Most people aware of her continuous philanthropy are familiar with her efforts only because they are the people she is in the process of helping.

There are no press releases or big corporate announcements made when SM Cubed Consulting takes on a pro bono client or assists a charitable organization – but those in the know can feel Ms. MacEwen’s fingerprints all over some of the most successful online fundraising campaigns you’ll ever see. Her philanthropic work is something she does simply because she feels it is the right thing to do, and whether she is aiding a single hungry family or an entire nation of people struggling to move forward, Ms. MacEwen can always be counted on to provide the best social networking strategy to get good ideas off the ground.

“We do some of our own charitable work with local animal rights groups, but working with Lauren MacEwen actually makes everyone feel like we could always do even more” said Cindy Houghton of, the premier Albuquerque veterinary service center. “Lauren has a way of putting her whole self into a worthy cause and her exuberance makes it so easy for others to all start pulling together in the same direction. When I nominated her, it was for the work she had already done, but in the short time it has taken for her to actually win a Good Samaritan Award, the list of additional good works she has already accomplished is simply mind-boggling for the rest of us. It’s as if she never rests!”

“I am so honored to receive this Good Samaritan Award” said Ms. MacEwen. “I don’t think of myself as a philanthropist, I just believe that when you put good energy into the world, that good energy comes back to you in so many beautiful ways. What the world needs are more people willing to give good energy in without any direct expectation of getting something out. Whether it’s simply picking up litter in your local area to recycle or donating resources to help a national charity – what really matters is the number of people involved and the enthusiasm of that involvement. For me, that’s what good social networking and being a good global citizen are really all about.

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