Ken Hutto

Ken Hutto

Good Samaritan Award Winner August 2018

Kenneth Hutto is a tax attorney and CPA in the Lakeland, Florida area. He has dedicated his career to helping people save money on their taxes and figure out how to deal with complex legal proceedings related to taxes. His firm even offers accounting support and Quickbooks coaching. Besides performing these necessary legal services to Florida residents, Kenneth is also the recipient of our Good Samaritan Award. His dedication to positivity  is unparalleled by most in the world.

His charity work is mostly focused on the local community because he wants to help his neighbors. He makes a hearty donation to KidsPACK, a local food bank that serves those who have trouble affording food in the area. He realizes that society is only as weak as the weakest link, and that’s why he loves to raise up locals who are need a bit of a leg up. This food bank focuses on feeding kids when they are not at school. For many kids breakfast and lunch at school might be their only meal of the day.

KidsPACK gives  meals during the summer to food-insecure children in the Florida area so that they can grow up healthy and learn at their best. Kenneth didn’t always know that so many kids go hungry in the area, but when he found out through KidsPACK, he began to donate his time, attention and financial support to help local children.

Kenneth also supports the Florida Veterans Foundation. He appreciates those who give so much to America, and so he wants to give something back to thank them for their service. It’s unfortunate that many veterans suffer once they are out of the military, but through programs like this, Kenneth is glad to give them support.

It is estimated that in the US as a whole there are more than 40,000 homeless veterans each night, and the risk for suicide among veterans is about 22% higher than the general population. That’s why he is happy to support an organization that is dedicated to helping veterans whether they have just gotten out of the service or are a long-time veteran.

These are just two of the reasons why Ken Hutto has been anonymously awarded a Good Samaritan Award. He also donates throughout the year to several other endeavors like a local baseball team and different charitable causes on a more national scale. For example, the Make-A-Wish foundation is close to his heart, and he makes a donation to the charity around the holidays each year to help those with a terminal illness realize a special dream.

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