Greg Alves

Greg Alves Good Samaritan AwardsGreg Alves recently won a prestigious Good Samaritan Award during February of 2015 for his tireless efforts and substantial contributions to several important charitable endeavors. Serving as a role model for others and leading by example are strengths Mr. Alves possesses, and while he has been shy about accepting any credit for the charity work he does along with his wife Wendy, we still feel the need to give credit where it is definitely due.

During business days, Greg Alves works diligently as an angel investor and entrepreneur, focusing on segments of the economy where investment often leads to real world solutions to the challenges many Americans face each day. Property investment, technology start-ups and charitable causes are all part of the Alves portfolio, and Mr. Alves approaches each part of his effort with the same relentless zeal.

That was something Justin Ross pointed out in his nomination of Greg Alves for this award. “I’ve worked with people in the past who begrudgingly get involved with one charity or another because they feel obligated, but Greg isn’t that way at all” said Mr. Ross, a colleague of Mr. Alves who has known him for many years. “Greg treats his charity work the same way he treats his business opportunities. He has an amazing energy level and seems to always be available for dinners to be sponsored, events to attend or funding to be acquired. That isn’t what makes him award worthy, the thing that makes him such a special person is the fact that he does it all with that same smile and sense of accomplishment. It’s about getting the work done, whether that work happens to be launching a new company, or helping to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.”

When contacted regarding the award, Greg Alves claimed Mr. Ross was being too kind, and pointed out the importance his wife has to accomplishing the charitable work they do together: “It’s always nice to win an award or bring home a trophy, and I do appreciate Justin taking the time to nominate me, but that really isn’t what this is all about. In fact, if anyone deserves an award for our charitable work, it’s Wendy Alves, because she really does an amazing job of keeping us from losing focus. I honestly had not seen Good Samaritan Awards website prior to being told that I was receiving an award, but now that I have, it’s a site I will be bookmarking and checking often. I do think it’s a good idea to publish news about the people you are congratulating because their work inspires me in the same way I hope the work that my wife and I do inspires others.”

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