Thomas Tona

Thomas Tona

Good Samaritan Award Winner January 2013

Thomas Tona has been named a Good Samaritan Award winner for January of 2013 as a way to acknowledge his charitable efforts, and as inspiration to encourage others to do more for people in need.

Mr. Tona is the Managing Partner of the Law Office of Thomas Tona, P.C. in Saint James, New York. He is a practicing attorney, husband, father and passionate community advocate.

Mr. Tona has contributed to many vital charitable endeavors, helping a diverse group of people ranging from American Military Veterans, through his work with Brick 26, to his continued commitment to bettering the lives of fellow mixed martial arts enthusiasts who are trying to rise up from their own difficult circumstances as part of the team building a better future at Live To Fight. Thomas Tona has also brightened the lives of children each holiday season though his work with Toys For Tots and local Thanksgiving food drives on Long Island, New York.

I’ve known Tom about as well as I’ve ever known anyone” said Ken Rafferty. “Working as hard as he does, week in and week out, for a guy with a family to also find the time to roll up his sleeves and get involved on a personal level with worthy causes the way he does is really extraordinary. Anyone can make a half-hearted effort to help, after all it’s not like someone is against curing diseases – but there is a big difference between just showing up at a charity dinner once in a while as compared to doing the kinds of things day and night that Tom does to generate positive results in our community.”

As you might expect, Mr. Tona was quick to share the award with the people who help to support his endeavors. “Honestly, I’m thrilled to be receiving an award for the charitable work I’m already doing, but the truth is, it’s definitely a team effort. From my wife and family to my colleagues at work, the real heroes who manage these charities full time and organizations like the Good Samaritan Awards who help to raise awareness – we all have an important role to play. From my point of view, participation and a sense that we are all in it together is what actually improves peoples’ lives the most.”

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