Shawn Boday

Shawn Boday

Good Samaritan Award Winner
March 2016

This month we are pleased to present Mr. Shawn Boday with our Good Samaritan Award for his continued effort to support colon cancer research, science based education of youngsters, the Make-A-Wish foundation and more.

A prominent real estate investor, and the President of PerDayLLC, Good Samaritan Shawn Boday allocates a lot of his time toward funding the development of affordable housing and useful real estate inventory throughout the Pacific Northwest. The Per Day approach to real estate is already yielding important results in the Seattle, Iowa and Oregon markets with an eye toward expanding into Montana in the near future as a huge influx of new residents and corporations continue to create new challenges for the existing infrastructure of the local area. PerDay takes an incremental approach, and seeks to make progress each and every day, which is the same tact Shawn Boday takes with his philanthropic efforts as well.

“He is a private person, and frankly I’m pretty sure he would be less than enthused about my decision to nominate him, which is why I have chosen to remain anonymous, but the great work he has been doing for so long really does deserve some attention. Shawn is the kind of person who fixes problems and moves onto new challenges so often without any care for who gets the credit. That’s what I admire most about Shawn Boday, he does great things for a huge number of people, and most of them will never even know he is the person most responsible for the benefits they are getting as a result. Whether it’s a child with cancer whose dreams can now come true via Make-A-Wish, or the KidsQuest Children’s Museum being able to expand their event schedule or a new breakthrough in other areas of medical research – Shawn is always willing to help move great causes forward without looking back on what has been accomplished so the focus can stay on what is still be done in the future.”

We did attempt to contact Shawn Boday about his nomination, but he was unavailable for comment, and we believe his modesty and humility speak for themselves. It is our hope that his efforts, and the light we are able to shine on them, will inspire others to engage in acts of kindness that will continue to heal the unhealthy, enlighten the ignorant and improve the world we all share on a day per day basis as well!

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